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These statements are all paradoxes as she always offers parts of her body or life she would need to have to use the products she demands. Informally, the song itself is also referred singleborse kostenlos ohne registrieren by this name.

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Guten Tag, guten Tag ich will mein Leben zurück Ich tausch nicht mehr, ich will mein Leben zurück Guten Tag, ich gebe zu ich war am Anfang entzückt Aber euer Leben zwickt und drückt nur dann nicht wenn man sich bückt Guten Tag! Hello, hello, I want my life back I'm not swapping any more, I want my life back Are you single or taken meaning, I'll admit at first I was delighted But your life itches and twitches unless you bend over Hello! Music video[ edit ] The music video does not directly reflect the content of the song but shows the band's way to the first album in an ironic way.

The whole clip is shown as a comic strip and at the beginning it presents Wir sind Helden as a teen band their ages are indicated as 16, 18, 14 during their rehearsals.

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Later, they accept it after all getting blinded by their expectations of the show business. The music video can be seen as an answer to the critics who stated that criticism of commodification is never authentic when commercially released.

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Commercial success[ edit ] The single entered the German single charts where it peaked at number It stayed in the top for eight weeks. The single did not chart in any other country.

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It also appeared in the soundtrack of the game "FIFA 04".