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Common and preferred shares, warrants, American Depositary Receipts, rights, corporate bonds, US and other governments' bonds, international bank bonds and index and equity options are traded on all or some of the Exchanges.

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Companies - The NYSE requires that companies listed on the exchange satisfy certain quantitative standards and sign a listing agreement. The individual Exchanges borse new york their own rules concerning the information that must be disclosed to shareholders by listed companies.

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Commissions collected by brokers as the result of the sales of shares are a matter of negotiation between broker and client. Two near-term months plus two additional months of the January, February or Borse new york sequential cycle.

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The last day to exercise an equity option is the third Friday of the expiration month. RULE 80A: The rule curbs computer-guided trading in an attempt to stabilize the market.


This rule is in effect for the remainder of the day, unless the Dow Jones Industrial Average moves back to or within points of the previous day's close. RULE 80B: The actual numerical points will be determined each calendar quarter, using the average closing value of the Dow average for the previous month.

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The circuit-breaker and trading-collar trigger levels for the 2nd quartereffective April 2, will be adjusted to new levels. For the 2nd quarter the numerical points are 1, 2, and 3, point declines.

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